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2018 Clark Hill Quarries  

Below are photo from our field trip to Clark Hill Quarries.

Nineteen people attended and found Beryl, Garnets and Quartz.

October 2017 - Havey Mine and Pitts Mine in Maine

A Garnet plate found by John Walsh
that weights about 150lbs at the Pitts Mine in Maine October 14, 2017.

Sue Wall with one of her finds from the Havey Mine in Maine October 15th

Club mine in Fonda NY - July 2016

Gold panning in VT - 2016

2016 Concretions - VT

2015 Northern New York State Trip

Left to right
Louise Barbish, Bill Schaare, Rita Schaare, Tony Ceana, Ken Van Meter, Rachal Ceana

Photo taken by Tom Barbish

Sept 20-21, 2015 up to Maine to the Berry/Havey

We had a total of twenty people show up for both days. There were eight at the Berry and twelve at The Havey mine.

Once again the Berry proved not to be too fruitful. A few pieces of Beryl and some Smoky Quartz and other small stuff was found.

But on the other hand the Havey once again was a great trip for all who showed up, more mineral was found than I can list.

Both in the tailing piles or working the walls, it did not make a difference. Great, Great stuff!.

2013 - Berry Mine - Maine: July 6th

2013 - Havey Mine - Maine: July 7th

2012 - field trip to Maine at the Havey mine on July 1st

2012 - State of Connecticut permit field trip to the Clark Hill Quarries

Lunenburg - September 10, 2011

We had about 25 people that showed up and it was a great day, warm but not hot and lots of nice stuff was found, Ankerite, Fuchsite, Kyanite, Yellow Calcite, Large Quartz crystal on matrix and much much more.

Curt, showing off his latest find with 2 new club members.

Working on a nice sample

Looking over the mineral finds

Our guide to the site from JP Keating with Suzanne

Loose stone from the quarry with minerals

A nice piece of Ankerite on matrix
                Kyanite on matrix

P.J. Keating Quarry site in Lunenburg, MA

Beryl Mountain - Gilsum New Hampshire
June 5, 2011



Bob and Jack


Diamond Bob



CCC Mine Site - Haddam CT
May 15, 2011

        All the comforts of home.

CCC Mine site barn, Haddam CT - 05/15/11

Rainman - Curt Stevens - 05/15/11

Are you in there?

Mine site - Haddam, CT

Case Quarry - 2011

Our merry band of rock whackers

Lancaster Field Trip - 2011

Fitchburg 2011 - Suzanne Photo's

Pernam Mine - Maine 2010

Paul Monti and Diamond Bob

Setting the charge, Pernam Mine, Maine

Planning the next blast

Smokey Quartz - Pernam Mine, Maine

Smokey Quartz from Pernam Mine, Maine.